About Dancer Deals

Dancer Deals was started to help dancers (and their parents) save money on dance. We’re proud that Dancer Deals has grown and we’re now made up of a group of dancers whose mission remains the same: help dancers save money.

We know the sacrifices dancers make to develop art. We also know that dance can be very expensive – the clothing, the accessories, the music, the traveling, the sweaty laundry! We can’t help you with everything, but we hope we can help you with the finances. We search out great products, prices, discounts, and coupon codes for our fellow dancers. We also rely on the dance community to add great products and discounts to the website. We want to be a single stop to save money on dance.

We hope you’ll sign up for the Dancer Deals newsletter and start getting the exclusive coupons and discounts we offer through our dance partners. We also hope you’ll take a few minutes to either submit your own dance products or let us know what we can do better. We’re bound by the common love of dance and we want to help you live your dreams.

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